Online Tennis Coaching

With Coach Jacob

We're Still Coaching, just in a way that's easier on the both of us.

Tennis Instruction that goes along with your time. Not fit into a pro's schedule.

Record yourself hitting with a friend or a wall. It can even be something specific you want fixed.

Send it over to us so we can analyze your strokes, give feedback and answer questions.

Use our feedback and practice using your new knowledge to improve!

Where we fit in

Play tennis and practice with your friends. While hitting, set up your phone and hit record. Send that video over to us. When you get our reply and read through it, think about what we say and try to implement it into your game next time you hit.

Don't sweat good video

Be creative with what you have (be careful as well) to mount your phone for a video. An idea is to use an extra shoe as a place to hold the phone up for you!

Ready to give us a try?

Make sure you have your video uploaded to your favorite media provider like Dropbox or Youtube and have the link ready to send.

5 minute video analysis

30 minute full- hit analysis

60 minute match analysis

Once you've made your purchase, send us the video or a link to the video at